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Words of wisdom from Disney, on the road to following your passion

I watched the remake of Cinderella recently, and I was surprised at how strongly I related to the message it conveyed. In this rendition, two words resonated throughout the entire story:

Have COURAGE, and be KIND.

Two words never held so much meaning for me, as they do now.

Have Courage

In a world where following your passion is something only adolescents and millennials are supposed to do, where it becomes dangerous to do once you’ve finally jumped into “adulting”, following your passion takes courage. (more…)

Dare to follow your passion

Daring to begin

You know, I started this blog as part of a challenge. It was a super fun exercise. And now that it’s completed, I find that I have to really work to keep the momentum of it going. I have to remember, day in and day out, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it. And if I lose sight of it, or don’t feel it, I’ve signed up to tons of e-mails from inspirational blogs and sites that help boost me back to the passionate place where I mean to stay.  (more…)