The Feel Good Soup

The philosophical ramblings of a psychology enthusiast who endeavours to live a passionate, meaningful life.

My battle with meditation


When people ask me about meditation, I tell them that I learned meditation when I was 18 years old; literally half my life ago. But I choose those words very carefully so that I don’t lie and say that I’ve been meditating since I was 18 years old. See the subtle difference there?

Meditation has been a part of my life long enough that I know its benefits. I’ve experienced the amazing, high-flying, practically miraculous feeling of consistent meditation practice. I KNOW how awesome it is.

But the trick – what always ends up killing me – is consistency.  (more…)

Mindfulness: It’s more than just sitting down and shutting up


After years of scientific evidence on the numerous benefits of promoting wellbeing for employees, the government agency I work for has finally gotten on board and are working on developing a Wellness program. Woohoo! Welcome to 2016, employer of mine!

Right away, my boss got on board with that and started (more…)