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Four important ingredients in creating the life you want

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I was out for a walk the other day, during my lunch break, and I’d been craving shawarma from my favourite little spot near by. Interestingly enough, I had just watched an extremely powerful talk by Simon Sinek about Millennials (it’s not what you think). Anyway, I finally arrived at this tiny little shawarma takeout place, which is family owned and where the men who work there always serve you with bright beautiful smiles. The pleasant, friendly service is half the reason why I like that place so much; the other half is of course the delicious food on which I always put way too much garlic sauce for someone who has to work in close proximity with colleagues all afternoon.

That day, I noticed that the youngest in the family wasn’t feeling it. I’d spoken to him before and he had shared his passion of working in the fitness industry and his dream of opening his own gym. But he hadn’t been successful and so had taken this job. His smile was usually the brightest… but today, when I asked him how he was (as people do when they greet each other), he smiled kindly, allowed himself to be authentic with me for a few seconds, and admitted that he was just “alright – same old, same old”. I offered something along the lines of “Well it’s better than a lot of other people, right?”. But I knew, as I walked away, that I had missed an opportunity.  (more…)

3 ways to help you navigate through negative emotions – OR – Happiness isn’t all about puppies, rainbows and unicorns. There’s a place for negative emotions too


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the Ego versus our True Selves. I talked about how Jen Sincero calls the Ego the Big Snooze and how it’s that voice in our head that cautions us against every possible thing that might be the least bit risky.

Don’t play there, you might skin your knee!

Don’t talk to those people they might be mean to you, or maybe they’ll con you into giving them all your money.

Don’t apply for that job, you might bomb the interview and make a fool of yourself.

Don’t say yes to that friend who just invited you to take a trip with them, you might end up getting kidnaped or robbed!

Really, Big Snooze!?  (more…)

Little Moments of Happiness: Talking to Strangers

Talking to strangers

Something interesting happened to me last week: a stranger spoke to me; like really spoke to me. I’m usually a pretty shy person when it comes to talking to strangers and meeting new people. Once I have that initial conversation, I’m good, but I’m often terrified of starting a conversation with someone I’ve never met. It speaks to that cultural lesson we all share that says don’t speak to strangers [because they might be dangerous](more…)

The easiest happiness hack

my train of thought derailed

Are you grumpy, irritable, overwhelmed, stressed out, like all the freakin’ time? Do you find that you have a short temper? That your road rage has been particularly severe lately? People annoying you at work… every single day? Or maybe you’re having trouble concentrating on what people are saying. Maybe you’re (like me) constantly joking that your memory’s shot and that maybe you’ve got early onset Alzheimer’s (sometimes checking the symptoms to make sure that’s not really true)?

You know what would be worse than that? That all this has been going on for so long that you actually think this is NORMAL! (more…)

One easy tip to get you on the path to more happiness

1000 reasons to smile

As I’ve started this new journey, I’ve been thinking a lot about some key words that have been popping up in my readings, and what each one means to me.





That last one is so big.

What is happiness? I mean, what is it really, to YOU? Have you ever actually taken the time to truly define what your version of happiness looks like? (more…)

What makes perpetually happy people so special?


Do you know someone who always seems to be in a good mood? Or worse, even when they go through something difficult, they’re unnaturally optimistic? Ever wonder what makes them so special? What makes them so different than the rest of the population?

I was watching a Ted Talk by Martin Seligman, the so-called father of positive psychology. And he said something that I found interesting. He said (more…)