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July 29, 2016

The trick to getting unstuck

right thing slowly

You know, I’ve had an article on my computer for over a month. I had a great topic, and I did research, and I was going to bring in all these really great pieces and it was going to all fit together perfectly. And on top of that, I told myself I would treat myself like a serious writer. I was going to start giving myself deadlines and make myself keep them. Because serious writers have deadlines, and apparently, that makes them perform better.

Well, here’s what happened (more…)

Gratitude, appreciation, and giving thanks

An attitude of gratitude cultivates love and compassion.

An attitude of gratitude cultivates love and compassion.

Although I don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving (I celebrate the Canadian version which was in October), the topic of gratitude was suggested as an article topic and so I’d like to take some time to consider it today.