Do you hate your job but feel stuck, frustrated, wanting more or something different but have no idea where to start?

Have you been doing the same boring job for years, clocking in & out, desperately waiting for retirement, and clinging to every weekend and vacation like a tiny orange buoy in the middle of an ocean of boredom, wondering if there’s ever going to be a time when you’ll actually be able to do what makes you happy?

Do you work for the government and feel like if you spend any more time wondering if anything goes anywhere once it gets sent into the black hole of approvals, you’ll just lose your mind?

This is what I call living a life of quiet desperation – and you don’t have to keep living it!

I know this will be hard to believe at first, but there IS a better way forward.

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I help high performing individuals just like you find and do work they are passionate about. Because I know what it’s like to live a life of quiet desperation, and frankly what the world needs is less people hating their jobs, and more people who are making the world better simply because they are lit up by what they do.

There’s no pressure from having this conversation. The only thing I ask, is that you be open to the possibility that major transformation may happen. After this, there’s no going back – but would you really want to?

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