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Little Moments of Happiness: Talking to Strangers

Talking to strangers

Something interesting happened to me last week: a stranger spoke to me; like really spoke to me. I’m usually a pretty shy person when it comes to talking to strangers and meeting new people. Once I have that initial conversation, I’m good, but I’m often terrified of starting a conversation with someone I’ve never met. It speaks to that cultural lesson we all share that says don’t speak to strangers [because they might be dangerous](more…)

Hello Inspiration. Hello Creativity.


I’ve missed you. I didn’t know, I hadn’t realized, it hadn’t dawned on me that I could see you as something that was separate from me. But I like interacting with you like this.

I can feel that you’ve just been hanging out with me this whole time, waiting for me to recognize you, to realize that “oh! THAT’s Inspiration! Oh, THAT’s creativity!” as if you were just someone I walked by every day, not realizing you’re the neighbour, until just now.  (more…)

One easy tip to get you on the path to more happiness

1000 reasons to smile

As I’ve started this new journey, I’ve been thinking a lot about some key words that have been popping up in my readings, and what each one means to me.





That last one is so big.

What is happiness? I mean, what is it really, to YOU? Have you ever actually taken the time to truly define what your version of happiness looks like? (more…)