Melanie Bergeron

Hi there! I’m Melanie (most people just call me Mel).

I’m a mid-thirties single mom of a beautiful little girl who spreads joy and sunshine wherever she goes. I have a background in Psychology, although I’ve worked in government for over a decade doing nothing that has to do with that field.

A few years ago, after a major re-organization, I was demoted into a position that took me back to the kind of work I used to do as a temp. I felt devastated, insulted, angry. But after a little while I realized it was an opportunity to make a different choice. I would no longer go through life aimlessly submitting to whatever the Universe saw fit to do with me.

I decided to suck it up, and be the creator of my own reality.

Through reinstating a regular meditation practice and a series of synchronistic events, I decided to apply to a Masters in Counselling program. That’s where I discovered Positive Psychology, and the wonderful world of coaching.

certified life coachI was always passionate about helping people work through their stuff and find their way to their own unique version of happiness. Coaching and Positive Psychology give me the tools to be able to do that in a way that totally lights me up.

I believe that if I can turn my life around, and find purpose by doing work I’m excited about, and that’s meaningful to me, YOU CAN TOO! 

If you’re curious, you can read my full story here.